Gatherings, Masterclasses and Presentations

Freerthinking makes space for people to learn new skills, grow their strengths and become change makers.

R.A.D School

Throughout the year Freerthinking runs one-day workshops for Radicals and Disruptors who want to create improvement in their organisation or their project.

These are highly interactive immersive experiences where we learn how to rock the boat without falling out. Here is some of the things we cover:

  • how to be a super change maker
  • why you don’t want a mission statement
  • resilience makes your hair shiny (well not really but close)
  • how to increase the pace and spread of large scale change
  • framing your story so other people will get it and not forget it
  • knowing when to hang-in and when to quit
  • networking theory and why it applies to you.

Talk to us about booking a workshop for your organisation.

We have R.A.D School workshops happening in Adelaide in June, 2016 and Melbourne in July, 2016.

What people are saying about our workshops

“Really great to re-engage my enthusiasm for my work, which was quickly disappearing”

“Mary is such an inspiring and refreshing presenter”

“Love love love – I want to do it again!”

“I learnt to be a radical and not a troublemaker, thank you”

“Thank you for being so honest and genuine in your work”