This is what Freerthinking does

Freerthinking makes change happen.

Freerthinking creates innovative responses to shared problems in the health and social care sector to realise positive change.

Clients engage Freerthinking to do audacious things:

Develop innovative platforms for change

At Freerthinking we have powered some of the most ambitious social change platforms. Change Day Australia grew from a conversation at a kitchen table late one night into one of the most powerful grass roots quality improvement movements in Australia.

We know how to create momentum, motivate change agents, and mobilise people around a shared purpose. We understand how to harness digital media and quiet conversation. We celebrate the audacity that dares to take risks to see great things happen.

Co-create strategies to improve social outcomes

Change is not a matter of chance. The change we need in the world today takes well-crafted strategies that are inclusive, timely and robust. These strategies are built on partnerships across diverse stakeholder landscapes.

We know that it’s easier to make something 10% better that it is to strive for something 10 times better. We work with people who aren’t satisfied with chipping away at business as usual.

Develop powerful coalitions for change

We facilitate large scale workshops and gatherings that bring people together around a shared purpose. You’ll find Freerthinking running schools for change makers, two day gatherings for kindness makers or intensive workshops for innovators.

The R.A.D School is one example where we bring radicals and quiet disruptors together to learn to be the most creative innovators of quality and safety across health and social care. Using the most up to the minute evidence and improvement science we tap into the wellspring of vitality that makes great things possible. People have described our workshops as ‘rocket fuel’.

Develop social policy and service delivery

Good social policy requires the ability to frame a problem that is deeply responsive to the lives of the people who will be impacted upon and the tenacity to do whatever it takes to co-design a solution that will deliver the services needed.

We teach co-design and co-production. We help you understand how to use the tools of service design: ethnography; stakeholder maps; empathic listening; interview techniques; prototyping; desktop walkthrough; storyboards and personas.


We teach people to tell great stories. Stories that capture the heart and miond of the listener. Stories that will be remembered long after the data is forgotten. In our creation of stories we can learn how to draw on our values to manage both the anxiety and the exhilaration of agency.

We think in story. It’s hardwired into our brain. It’s how we make strategic sense of the otherwise overwhelming world around us.
Lisa Cron, Wired for Story

Facilitate critical conversations

Hard conversations require us to show up and hold space for an outcome that will emerge over time. Freerthinking has developed a reputation for addressing the impacts of bullying, harassment and intimidation. We deliver workshops that teach people how to have hard conversations that name bullying behaviour while building team cohesiveness and commitment to respect.

The Gathering of Kindness is an example where we have partnered with the AIPFCC to create a conversation over two days where the current culture of healthcare can be openly discussed and a new future can be developed. These conversations are spacious and enlivening.