Freerthinking's core motivation

Freerthinking recognises the inherent complexity of the problems we are facing and harnesses creative energy to make change happen across health and social care services.

We believe:

  • The more patients, clients and families become empowered, shaping their care and the services they require, the better that care becomes, and the lower the costs.
  • We need to grow an unwavering commitment to quality and safety.
  • Change happens when people fall in love with a different version of the future.
  • Your culture determines how your people respond, more powerfully than any incentive or management framework you can impose.
  • A great story is remembered long after the data is forgotten.
  • We can join together to create the future we want to inhabit.
  • Large-scale change efforts require deliberate strategic action and strong partnerships across multiple networks.
  • Kindness, respect and gratitude are not the ‘soft stuff’ they are the very bedrock of organisational vitality.
  • Every great thing is created by a series of small actions.

Co-production, co-design, and person-centered care are among the new watchwords, and professionals, and those who train them, should master those ideas and embrace the transfer of control over people’s lives to the people.

Don Berwick